Call for Papers

IntlRelations+ offers academics/scholars, Ph.D. students, young professionals/practitioners, and early career researchers the opportunity to submit papers and articles for publication on our online journal.

Ideally, we’re looking for authors to write accessible articles in areas in which they have direct/emerging research expertise/insight. Although there is no specific word count, between 2000-4000 words is the optimum length for us. We commit to have all submissions processed with a decision on publication made within two weeks, maximum.

Send your word to

All papers and articles on Int’l Relations+ are published with a prominent author bio that provides a gateway for readers to easily access the author’s personal website, social media and publications (if supplied). In addition, all content is widely promoted on social media and open for reader comments/feedback on the website.

Submission Guidelines

• Articles should reference supporting material to academic standards where appropriate.

• Our readership is global and, sometimes, non-specialist, so briefly explain any complicated/jargonistic or region-specific points.

• Generally we seek pieces between 1000-2500 words. Longer pieces are welcome, but try to be as concise as possible.

• You must detail all relevant academic/professional credentials in your author bio.

Basic formatting

• Referencing must be via in-text citations in any variant of the Harvard System. Please do not use footnotes.

• You are welcome to embed hyperlinks in addition to, or in the place of, academic referencing.

• Bold-set and left align all headings. If you are using 2 level headings, italicise sub/2nd level headings.

• Your article’s title should be less than 80 characters, and presented in Title Case.

• Do not indent the first sentences of paragraphs. Leave one clear line of space between each paragraph.

• Place all quotations in standard quotation marks and indent longer quotes. Please italicize quotations.

• If images are used, they must be your own/copyright free or Creative Commons licensed with full attribution.
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